Working With A Broker Vs. Working With A Direct Writer; What’s The Difference?

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There are a lot of reasons why someone may need insurance. Whether it’s to protect the home their family lives in, the vehicle they depend on, or their family’s financial future, insurance is a necessary part of life for many. So as there are many options and companies selling insurance, it’s crucial that you work with a business you trust.

Before you begin your insurance journey, it’s important to understand who can help you. This stems from the fact that different individuals in the insurance industry will be able to offer you different options. Most importantly, it’s essential to understand how working with a broker or a brokerage differs from working with a direct writer, as this is a common question many ask.

What’s The Difference Between Working With A Broker And Working With A Direct Writer? 

There are a few major differences between working with a broker and a direct writer, but the two major ones are: 

  • What they can offer you, and
  • Who they work under. 

What You’re Offered

Before buying an insurance policy, it’s important to know that a broker can offer you multiple quotes from multiple insurance markets. In comparison, a direct writer is limited in the policies they can offer you as they only work with one insurance company. Meaning, when you work with a broker, you will have a variety of coverage options, while a direct writer will only be able to offer you a few. This difference is crucial for many because each person has unique insurance needs and will likely need to review a number of policies before feeling confident in purchasing one. So many see it to be more beneficial to work with a broker, as the broker can shop around on your behalf. 

Who They Work Under 

The second major difference when working with a broker and a direct writer, is that when you work with a broker, you are talking with someone who is working for you. Meaning their goal is to offer you the best policy that will meet your unique needs at the best price. For many direct writers, this is difficult as they can only offer you the few policies that their insurance company offers, rather than a variety. 

When I’m Work With Vachon Insurance Group, Who Am I Working With? 

Vachon Insurance Group is an independent broker. So rather than working for one single insurance company, we work with over 15! Meaning, we’re not a direct writer, so we can offer our clients a variety of coverage options at varying prices. As well, since we have so many options available, we’re always working with our customers in mind. So even after your purchase a policy with us, we’re able to keep you updated on new offerings. As insurance policies and insurance needs are always changing this benefit is crucial to have at your disposal!

How Else Is Vachon Insurance Group Different?

We always hold our brokers to the highest quality of standards. Meaning they must adhere to a code of conduct, so they meet educational and qualification standards, as well as be bonded. As mentioned briefly, our registered brokers work on your behalf. So while you’re telling us about your unique needs, we’re “shopping” for you. Not to mention, when you work with a team like Vachon, you’ll speak with the same individual each time, rather than talking to numerous customer service or sales representatives. As you may assume, speaking to multiple representatives can pose the problem of team members not being briefed on your current or past insurance needs. Allowing for the possibility of errors in coverage to happen.

If you’re looking to work with a group of skilled and talented individuals who will work hard to ensure you have the right coverage, contact Vachon Insurance Group. As previously mentioned, we’re a team of brokers who are held to the highest quality of standards so you can truly rest easy knowing that everything is taken care of. 

Want to learn more about how our team can help you or what types of coverage we offer? Contact us today!