Planning An Event? Here’s Why You Need Event Insurance

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Events are a great way to bring people together, celebrate an occasion, or promote a business. When carried out successfully, they can provide a great benefit to businesses and initiatives, which is why companies choose to invest time and money into planning and executing an incredible event. A lot of factors come into play when ensuring that an event runs smoothly with no hiccups, however, which is why it’s essential to plan for the unexpected and always have a backup plan in place. A sudden error or mishap can cost a business and event planner quite a bit of money and resources.

With no insurance, the financial cost of an incident falls entirely on the event planner and sponsors of the event. That’s why it’s important for both businesses and event planners to invest in proper insurance and protection, in the case that an accident occurs and liability issues arise. Event insurance provides a safety net for you and your business to help you cover additional costs for unforeseen accidents such as property damage or injury. 

Investing in the right coverage for your event should never be optional, but rather the first step taken.

For Businesses

If your business is sponsoring or is associated with a particular event, protect your company by investing in Special Event Liability Insurance. Although you are not the host or planner, your company is still at risk of liability if an accident occurs. Special Event Insurance protects you for when the unexpected happens, such as an attendee sustaining an injury, or damage to property or equipment. These incidents can be harmful to your business and insurance protection can take on the financial strain of these accidents, such as medical expenses or repair costs.

For Event Planners

Organizing an event means considering all worst-case scenarios and ensuring you are prepared for every outcome. Part of that preparation is getting the right coverage. It’s impossible to predict what can go wrong, but you can make sure that your company is equipped to handle it correctly. When it comes to liability, event planners are often the most vulnerable. Event insurance can keep your event planning business protected in case of any unforeseen setbacks. Even more, to host a successful event with your venue of choice, insurance is essential. Most venues require event planning companies to have purchased event insurance coverage in advance. If you are serving alcohol, it’s also vital to invest in Liquor Liability Insurance. If there is a slip-up where a bartender serves under-age attendees or an intoxicated individual sustains an injury, Liquor Insurance can help protect your business financially if legal action is taken.  

When it comes to your events, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. At Vachon Insurance, we can help you invest in event insurance coverage that best suits your needs. Assessing the risk level of your event and taking note of what it will offer your attendees allows us to help you customize an insurance package that leaves no room for gaps. We offer everything from Liquor Insurance, to Tradeshow Insurance and even Wedding Insurance, so that you are protected. Talk to us today to learn more about what we offer and how we can help!