Do You Need Commercial Auto Insurance?

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For most business owners, constantly being on the go is just part of the job. With the hustle and bustle of a business owner’s daily life, it’s inevitable that you will be using your vehicle regularly. Yet, the common dilemma amongst most business owners is whether switching to a commercial auto insurance policy is worth it. Many entrepreneurs assume that their personal auto insurance policy is more than enough coverage, even if they are utilizing their vehicle for commercial use. However, personal auto insurance policies only cover personal use, such as commuting, personal travelling and other daily personal activities. Relying on a personal auto insurance policy when you are utilizing your vehicle for commercial use can leave you unprotected in the case of an accident or vehicle damage. If you’re curious about whether you need commercial auto insurance, keep reading to discover the three key factors that can help you decide!

Car Usage – How Are You Using Your Vehicle?

How you use your vehicle on a day to day basis can determine whether you need commercial auto insurance. If you are using your vehicle to transport tools or equipment daily, then you are at risk for liability that is not covered by personal insurance. Similarly, if you are utilizing your vehicle to store your tools, then you should consider investing in commercial auto insurance to safeguard your tools. If your vehicle use entails delivering products every day or transporting individuals daily, it is also essential that you invest in commercial insurance.

The Vehicle Owner – Who Is The Owner and Driver?

The individual who drives the vehicle, as well as the owner, can play a significant role in whether you need commercial insurance. If your employees currently drive the vehicle or if the vehicle you are driving is listed as a business vehicle, then it is not considered a personal vehicle and you are not fully covered. In that case, you would need to switch your current personal auto insurance to a commercial auto insurance policy.

Type Of Vehicle – What Kind Of Vehicle Are You Driving?

Certain vehicle types require more coverage, due to their build and size. For instance, if you are driving larger vehicles, trucks or construction-specific vehicles, then investing in commercial auto insurance can give you the coverage you need for your vehicle. A standard personal auto insurance policy does not offer full coverage in the case of damage or an accident. 

Changing Your Current Policy: How We Can Help

Switching to a commercial auto doesn’t have to a stressful and complicated experience. With our expertise and helpful team, we can help you find the perfect commercial auto insurance policy for all your needs. Our team can ensure that you have the right coverage to protect your assets. If you’d like to discover our auto insurance policies, visit our auto insurance page. Ready to sign up for a commercial auto insurance policy? Contact us today!