How To Avoid Electrical Fires This Winter 

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From the cold winds to the heavy snowfall, winter is the time for comfort. The winter season is the time to unpack your electrical heater and holiday lights to stay warm and celebrate the festivities. It’s no surprise that electricity use increases significantly during the colder months. As a result, winter is known as the worst time for home fires in Canada. Even more so, electrical fires have become one of the leading causes of home fires in Canada. Whether you are decorating during the holiday months or cranking up your heater during the cold nights, keep in mind these tips to protect your home from an electrical fire. 

Heater Safety

Electrical portable heaters come in handy during the wintertime. They are perfect for when you need to warm up your home without running the risk of hiking up your utility bills. However, these small devices are more dangerous than many homeowners realize. If you are not careful, a fire could easily occur. In fact, the majority of electrical portable heater fires begin due to a flammable object being placed close by.

For instance, you may be tempted to place your electrical heater close to your bed to keep yourself warm during the night; however, this could be a fire hazard. Fires can start when objects such as bedding, remain too close to the heater for a period of time. To avoid a fire breaking out, always assess the area surrounding the heater and clear away any flammable objects. It’s recommended to keep three feet of clear space around the heater.

A common mistake homeowners make is leaving their heater running while they are at work, which could also result in a fire. That’s why it’s essential never to leave your heater unattended. Furthermore, while extension cords are always useful, they can pose a fire hazard risk as well. Some extension cords are not manufactured to withstand the energy load of a heater and can overheat. To minimize the risk of a fire, always plug in your heater directly to a power outlet. 

Electrical Wires and Outlet Safety

From crowded electrical outlets to faulty and exposed wiring, numerous electrical fire hazards can go unnoticed by the homeowners. Before plugging any electrical appliance to an outlet, keep a lookout for any exposed or frayed wiring that needs to be repaired or replaced. Worn down wiring and cords can overheat and cause a fire if not repaired or replaced. Inspect your home for loose lighting fixtures or wires, and keep an ear out for any popping sounds behind your walls. During the holidays, you may want to begin putting up festive lights around your home, which can lead to crowded outlets. To protect your home from an electrical fire, be mindful of not overloading your outlets as well. 

Protect Your Home This Winter

Enjoy the winter season safely by practicing electrical safety. To further protect yourself, make sure to assess your current home insurance policy to confirm that you have adequate coverage. Contact us to discover our home insurance policies or to chat about your existing policy. Visit our blog for more useful tips and news!