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About Vachon Insurance Group

Located conveniently in Etobicoke, on the border of Mississauga, Vachon Insurance Group is a family owned and operated independent insurance brokerage. In business for over 50 years, we’ve been able to successfully protect many families, business owners, young drivers, and collectors through our insurance partners.

From starting as a one-man operation, to growing to a team of over 30, we’re able to listen and understand your unique insurance needs so we can provide you with the right coverage. Whether you’re buying your first policy, or you’re renewing your coverage, our team goes above and beyond. Ensuring that you always have the right coverage at the best price as our insurance partners include a number of the largest and most stable insurance companies in Canada.

Our focus is not solely on Individual, Home, or Auto Insurance. We’re proud to say that we are experienced and can tailor your insurance to your unique needs regardless of what you’re looking for. Even if you need specialty or group coverage, we have you covered!

Honest and reliable, we’re dedicated to making your insurance experience better.

The Broker Advantage

How is a Broker Different From a Direct Writer?

Brokers work with their clients’ interests in mind, every step of the way. As brokers can work closely with clients and major insurance companies, they can offer their clients exactly what they need. This is crucial as coverage and insurance needs are constantly changing how policies should be purchased. Working with a broker also means that you can speak to the same person every time you inquire about your insurance coverage. Eliminating the possibility of speaking with multiple Customer Service or Sales Representatives who may be unfamiliar with your past and present insurance policies.

We’re proud to say that we’re an independent brokerage who meets standards. This means that we are qualified to work for you and with you in mind, so you can rest easy and feel comfortable during the entire process.

Professional Standards

Every registered broker must adhere to a code of conduct and is required to meet educational as well as qualification standards. Allowing them to be highly regulated.

Independent Advice and Choice

Registered brokers work on your behalf with your needs in mind. They have no allegiance to any one insurance company, and can offer you a variety of companies and products to best meet your individual needs.

Security and Protection

Registered insurance brokers must be bonded, properly licensed, and must meet on-going educational requirements.

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