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Vaughan Insurance Brokers

Vaughan Insurance Brokers

If you’re looking for a family owned Vaughan insurance broker that understands your family’s needs, you’ve found the right company. The Vachon Insurance Group has the ability to get multiple quotes from multiple insurance markets to better serve our valuable clients in Vaughan. We are committed to your peace of mind by protecting the very things that matter to you the most.

Vaughan Uber insurance
Finding the right Uber insurance is just another service we provide for our valued Vaughan clients. We are proud to report that we have the ability to give you an instant Uber quote from our website. It’s just another way that we are staying on the cutting edge here at The Vachon Insurance Group.

Reasonable car insurance
Because we are a family owned business, we tend to look at everything through that lens and that’s why you’ll get reasonable Vaughan car insurance quotes from us. We pride ourselves on being level-headed and honest with each and every one of our valued Vaughan clients. It’s important to us to make sure that you get the right car insurance to keep your family safe.

Affordable home insurance
The Vachon Insurance Group looks after every aspect of your insurance needs including affordable home insurance for your family. Keep in mind we are a registered insurance broker that puts your needs first. We act on your behalf and look for the best Vaughan home insurance for you. We adhere to all the government regulated guidelines and are happy to exceed educational and qualification standards.

Vaughan group insurance
Retaining employees in these interesting economic times means having a good Vaughan group insurance plan. Keep in mind our definition of group insurance also covers professional people because it’s in our best interest to supply all our clients the peace of mind they want.

Personal insurance for you
We also carry a variety of personal insurance for our Vaughan patrons. If you take a moment to look through our website, you’ll see there’s quite a variety. From auto insurance to residential and property, we have all the bases covered. For your convenience, The Vachon Insurance Group even offers online payments. You can even get a quote from a personal computer in the comfort of your own home.

Vaughan Commercial insurance when you’re taking care of business
Special liability to business and transportation options. Those are some of The Vaughan commercial insurance choices we offer. We can take the weight of worrying about your coverage off your shoulders. Why not call, fax or email us today?