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Mississauga Insurance Brokers

Mississauga Insurance Brokers

The Vachon Insurance Group is the Mississauga insurance broker that you can count on for a variety of very good reasons. We have a long track record of providing clients in Mississauga with the best policies and the best rates. The very best personalized insurance is what you can expect from us.

 Mississauga Uber insurance
Looking for a direct quote online for your Mississauga Uber insurance needs? Then you’ve found the right location because that’s just what we offer here at The Vachon Insurance Group. We supply that added peace of mind you get when you’re dealing with a registered insurance broker.

Car insurance covered 
We pride ourselves on supplying a variety of different kinds of policies and of course the staples like Mississauga car insurance. If you’re operating a vehicle anywhere in Ontario, you need to have some kind of car insurance. We’ve been working with the residents of Mississauga for years now and we know them and their insurance needs well.

Home insurance for Mississauga residents
There are a few different factors that will determine what kind of Mississauga home insurance best suits your needs. The Vachon Insurance Group is ready, willing and able to help you determine exactly how much or how little the right amount is. We are here to help you protect that most valuable asset. It’s not just a brick-and-mortar structure where you live; it’s where your family’s memories are made.

Group insurance in Mississauga
Like the name suggests, this is a group insurance that can cover a variety of different groups including professional organizations and of course unionized members. The Vachon Insurance Group has been established in the GTA since 1963. We have over 30 professional brokers at the ready to help you get the policy that makes the most sense for your needs and budget.

Personal Insurance Mississauga
If you take a quick look at our website you’ll see all the different Mississauga personal insurance policies that we have available. We are proud to say that the insurance companies we partner with are some of the largest and most credible in Canada.

Commercial insurance in Mississauga
We’ve been in the business of commercial insurance in Mississauga for over 50 years. Our staff is continually improving the level of service we provide our valued clients in Mississauga and all points throughout the GTA. The Vachon Insurance Group is there to protect what matters to you with an insurance product that fits your needs and budget.