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Kleinburg Insurance Brokers

Kleinburg Insurance Brokers

If you’re looking for that special personal touch that comes with a Kleinberg insurance broker that understands the value of family, you’ve come to the right place. Here at The Vachon Insurance Group, we are family owned and operated to better serve our Kleinberg clients. We have a variety of different services that will be of interest to today’s modern clients including:

Uber insurance in Kleinburg
The Vachon Insurance Group is continually looking for the latest in innovation to cover you in today’s modern world of industry and services. We take pride in our dedication to making sure our Kleinberg clients get the Uber insurance that will cover them when they work in this fledgling enterprise. Remember, we adhere to professional codes of conduct so any of our products and services meet your individual needs.

Car insurance
Of course our services include the more traditional car insurance choices too. Each and every one of our registered insurance brokers are properly licensed and bonded for your convenience. We can look after your RV and motor home needs as well. The Vachon Insurance Group is dedicated to making sure our valuable Kleinberg clientele are covered for every situation. That includes coverage that extends all across Canada and the continental United States.

Excellent Kleinburg home insurance
It’s good to know that our excellent Kleinberg home insurance partners are some of the best in the country. You’ll get the advantage of a team here at The Vachon Insurance Group that is continually looking for better ways to serve your insurance needs. For your convenience, we even offer a quick and easy online quote to get you started.

Group insurance made easy
When you’re looking for group insurance, we have an excellent solution for employers in Kleinberg. Healthcare benefits and a solid dental plan are great ways to foster employee retention. Why not let us tell you all about the other extended coverage we offer by getting in touch with us today?

Kleinburg personal insurance
Whether you need homeowner’s insurance for a condo or other space to make sure your property and heirlooms are kept safe and sound, we have what you need by way of Kleinberg personal insurance.

Industry leading commercial insurance
The Vachon Insurance Group understands how important it is for businesses to have the right commercial insurance in Kleinberg too. That’s why we offer these policies as another element of the comprehensive insurance packages that you can select from us.