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Broker Advantage

Broker Advantage

How is a Broker Different From a Direct Writer?

Brokers have the availability to offer multiple quotes from multiple Insurance markets to obtain the best product to cover you properly. The advantage of a broker is that we are constantly working for you, the customer, to strive and make sure that you are obtaining the best coverage available. The coverage’s are constantly changing with new coverage being offered. An Independent Insurance Broker can advise you of these changes. As Broker we are “independent”- which means we work for you.

Direct Writers and the Banks are only able to market one insurance company. How do you know that this is the best coverage available to you? By dealing with Direct Writers and Banks – you are your own Insurance professional. Unless you ask the right questions, you may not be covered adequately. The people you will talk to are Customer Service Reps or Sales Rep’s only. The chance of speaking to the same person is very slim.

We at Vachon Insurance Group are committed to your peace of mind in protecting what matters to you. Customers experience honesty, reliability and dedicated core business values that make Vachon Insurance Group, a true broker in every sense of the word, as we act on your behalf.

Vachon Insurance Group is a registered insurance broker.

What is a Registered Insurance Broker?
A registered insurance broker is an independent insurance professional in Ontario governed by the Registered Insurance Brokers Act. Unlike general agents and direct writing insurers who only sell the products of one insurance company, registered insurance brokers offer product choice from a variety of companies. They also offer independent advice.

All insurance brokers in Ontario are governed by the Registered Insurance Brokers Act. Insurance brokers sell general insurance. This included insurance of your home, business, automobiles, boats, etc. They must meet standards of professionalism established by the Registered Insurance Brokers of Ontario.

Why Arrange Your Insurance Through a Registered Insurance Broker?

Professional Standards
Every registered broker adheres to a code of conduct, is highly regulated and must meet educational and qualification standards.

Independent Advice and Choice
Registered brokers work on your behalf. They have no allegiance to any one insurance company, and are able to offer you a choice of companies and products that best meet your individual needs.

Security and Protection
Every registered insurance broker must be bonded, properly licensed and must meet on-going educational requirements.

Did You Know?
  • We specialize in RV insurance, Motorcycle, Antique Autos, Group Home and Auto Insurance